List of FOLTER Records Releases

SCHRAT Alptraumgänger 2018 CD available
HALPHAS Dawn Of A Crimson Empire 2017 CD available
NARBELETH Indomitvs 2017 CD available
SARKOM Anti-Cosmic Art 2017 LP available
FIN Arrows Of A Dying Age 2017 CD available
CORPUS CHRISTII Delusion 2017 CD available
STREAMS OF BLOOD Allgegenwärtig 2017 CD available
THE COMMITTEE Memorandum Occultus 2017 CD/LP available
ARCKANUM Den Förstfödde 2017 CD/LP available
Sarkom Seen Through the Eyes of a Paedophile Priest 2016 EP available
Isvind / The Stone Necrotic God 2016 EP available
Narvik Ascension To Apotheosis 2016 CD available
Arckanum Antikosmos 2016 LP available
Arckanum ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ 2016 LP available
Whipstriker Seven Inches Of Hell 2016 DoLP available
Drengskapur / Szarlem Ritual 2016 EP available
Burial Hordes Extinction 2016 MCD available
SARKOM Aggravation Of Mind 2016 LP available
Isvind Gud 2015 CD/LP available
Narbeleth Through Blackness And Remote Places 2015 CD available
Kaeck Stormkult 2015 CD available
Nebiros VII 2015 CD available
Vanhelga Angest 2015 CD available
Corpus Christii PaleMoon 2015 CD/LP available
Hagl Lenket til levet 2015 CD/LP available
Sarkom Aggravation Of Mind 2015 CD available
The Committee Holodomor 2015 LP available
Sarkom Bestial Supremacy 2015 CD available
Corpus Christii Luciferian Frequencies 2014 LP available
Lungorthin Morgrom 2014 CD sold out
Kult Unleashed From Dismal Light 2014 CD available
The Stone Umro 2014 CD available
The Stone Golet 2014 CD available
Northern Plague Manifesto 2014 CD available
The Committee Power Through Unity 2014 CD/LP available
Narbeleth A Hatred Manifesto 2014 CD available
Deathrow The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening 2014 CD/LP available
Murder King Of Tyranny 2014 CD available
The Stone Nekroza 2014 CD/LP available
Streams of Blood / Chant Of Blasphemy Infernal Lamontations 2014 CD available
Streams Of Blood Ultimate Destination 2013 CD available
Night Of The World Drive The Knife DEEPER 2013 CD available
Isvind Daumyra 2013 DigiCD available
Hallig 13 Keys to Lunacy 2012 CD available
Urgehal Death Is Complete 2011 EP available
Angst Skvadron/So Much For Nothing III / Sublife Warranty 2011 Split-LP available
The Stone Zakon Velesa 2010 LP available
Lugubre Supreme Ritual Genocide 2010 CD/LP available
Angst Skvadron Valium Holocaust 2010 10" available
Kratein Trauma 2010 CD available
Thorngoth Leere 2010 CD available
Angst Skvadron The Alien 2010 EP available
Panychida Moon, Forest, Blinding Snow 2010 CD available
Sarkom Exit Terra 2010 EP available
Posthum .Posthum 2009 CD/LP available
Todtgelichter Was bleibt... / Schemen 2009 DoLP available
Urgehal Rise of the Monument 2009 CD available
The Stone Slovenska Krv 2008 LP sold out
Arathorn Treue & Verrat 2008 CD available
Skyforger Sword Song 2008 LP available
Elite We Own The Mountains 2008 CD available
Thorngoth Rauhnacht 2008 CD available
Demonizer Triumphator 2008 CD available
Vardan Hidden in a tomb 2007 CD available
Decayed Hexagram 2007 CD available
Todtgelichter Schemen 2007 CD available
Panychida Paganized 2007 CD available
Hellsaw Phantasm 2007 CD available
Beastcraft Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen 2007 CD sold out
The Stone Magla 2006 CD/LP available
Beastcraft Dawn of the Serpent 2006 LP sold out
Sammath Dodengang 2006 CD available
Salacious Gods Piene 2005 CD/LP available
Todtgelichter Was bleibt... 2005 CD available
Skyforger Semigalls' Warchant 2005 CD available
Walpurgisnacht Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet 2005 CD available
Lugubre Anti-Human Black Metal 2004 CD/LP sold out
Skyforger Kauja Pie Saules 2004 LP sold out
Skyforger Lativan Riflemen 2004 LP sold out
Skyforger Thunderforge 2003 CD/LP available
Trimonium Blow The Horns 2003 CD/LP sold out
Sammath Verwoesting/Devastation 2002 CD sold out
Grond Winterkrieger 2000 CD sold out
Castrum In the Horizons of the Dying Theatre 2000 CD sold out
Ork Blessed by Evil 2000 CD sold out
Trimonium Of Warriors and Heroism 2000 CD sold out
Lungorthin Prophecy of Eternal Winter 1999 CD sold out
Ferro Ignique World Wide War 1999 CD sold out
Svartsyn The True Legend 1998 CD sold out
Nox Intempesta De vermis mysteriis 1998 MCD sold out
Castrum Black Silhouette Enfolded in Sunrise 1998 CD sold out
Nox Intempesta Damnanus - Dominum 1998 CD sold out
Sammath Strijd 1998 CD sold out
Nox Intempesta Die Lieder von Tod und Ewigkeit 1997 MCD sold out
Arathorn Niemals kroenender als was einst war 1997 CD sold out
Arkona An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz 1997 CD sold out
Paragon Belial Hordes of the Darklands 1996 CD sold out
Cryptic Carnage ...and Another Kingdom Was Born... 1996 CD sold out
Adorned Blood Hiltia 1996 CD sold out
Mayhemic Truth Cythraw 1995 EP sold out
As Divine Grace Romantic Beatitude of Faded Dawn 1995 MCD sold out
Sickness Verbrannte Erde 1995 CD sold out
Dead Wanted For Kinky Session 1994 EP sold out