Black Metal from Portugal



Releases on Folter Records

Luciferian Frequencies (2014) - LP - Folter Shop


Side A
1. The Gate 01:22  
2. The Owl Ressurrection 04:05   
3. Crystal Glaze Foundation 04:45  
4. The Styx Reflection 04:30  
5. Picatrix 05:14  
Side B
6. Deliverer of Light 04:55  
7. The Infidels Cross 04:20   
8. Be Dark Thy Light 04:39   
9. Paths of Human Puzzles 03:59   
10. In the Rivers of Red 05:25  
Total 43:14  


PaleMoon (2015) - CD/LP - Folter Shop


1. Far Beyond the Light 04:53  
2. Under Beastcraft 03:31  
3. The Great Death 03:44  
4. Eternal Bliss 04:10  
5. Last Eclipse 03:33  
6. Being 01:36  
7. Night of Flaming Hatred 04:15  
8. From Darkness to Total Blackness 04:47  
9. Livid Night 04:26  
10. Carving a Light in Me 05:07  
Total: 40:02  

Delusion (2017) - CD - Folter Shop

CORPUS CHRISTIIs "Delusion" album is a reflection of the inner depth, the soul of the Satanist, the Black Metaller who has been entwined, deep in this genre since the early days. It is the essence now lacking in the scene. It is the enemy of the hooded ones, of the cool ones, of the trends. "Delusion" is Black Metal. A journey of the past, the present, the future and what forever represents Black Metal in its core. And may that be just for a few, we do not care. This album is for those, we cannot care less if you do not "get it", "like it" or "deal with it", just means you were never one of us. The core, the heart, the essence, the children which do not belong.

1.     The Curse Within Time         
2.     Chamber Soul         
3.     Become the Wolf         
4.     I See, I Become         
5.     Facing Concrete Mountains         
6.     Seeker of All         
7.     I Am the Night         
8.     Near the End         
9.     Carrier of Black Holes
Total: 41:48