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Arrows Of A Dying Age (2017) - CD - Folter Shop

Arrows of a Dying Age , the next full length endeavor of black metal duo FIN contains a maelstrom of arrows that shall cast a shadow before the dawn. A fire burns within these songs taking aim to scorch the very earth surrounding the listener. This is a formidable display of American black metal writing, performed with precise accuracy in a live setting free of the use of metronome or modern editing techniques. It is raw in stride, but not without the clarity it needs for proper delivery. It is black metal without the compromise of other genres incorporated. Unadulterated, unhinged, unwavering...Arrows of a Dying Age breathes life once more into a colorless existence. To nary leave those who'd be so bold to lend their attention...Wanting...

1.) Manias (4:38)
2.) The Sight (3:19)
 3.) Strings of Discourse (3:18)
4.) A Wall of Stone (6:54)
5.) Hold Fast…Thy Lament (4:52)
6.) The Archer (5:02)
7.) With Spear, Arrow, and Oath (2:52)
 8.) Arrows of a Dying Age (6:19)
9.) Clarity in these Winds (4:15)
10.) With Hammering Glance (3:16)
11.) Outlaws (3:39)
Total: 48:50