Black Metal from Norway


Formed in late 1993 as a three piece from Oslo, Isvind was back then named ICEWIND and had the lineup of Behram, Ninnginxul and Bruptimol. There was recorded a demo titled “The Call of The Icewind”, containing two songs by each member making it a 6 track debut. In 1994 Behram had to leave the band and move out of Oslo. The remaining members Ninnginxul and Bruptimol changed their names to Arak Draconiiz and Goblin and formed Isvind as it is known today. The demo “Nivelheimen” was recorded… The demo lit a spark, and interest grew both for and in the band. There was released a second demo, “Herskerinnen” and German Solistitum Records signed the band for a 7” late 1994 which was recorded and released early 1995. Later that year Solistitium Records again signed Isvind, this time for a full length. The recording took place March-April 1996, and “Dark Waters Stir” was ready for release. The CD had the famous embossed black logo on the front of the otherwise very minimalistic designed digipack. Later, the band went on a tour with Hades, Aeternus and Helheim around Europe. Isvind brought in Nag, now known as front man of Tsjuder, to do the bass and vocals for that tour. Upon returning from the tour, Isvind took a break to explore other musical ventures, none of which that produced any major releases or happenings. Isvind tried to relight the flame in 2001/2002 but nothing came out of this apart from a spilt 7” with Italian band Orcrist, and a 4 track promo in 2004. There were a couple of concerts after that. In 2010, as Goblin went to the studio to record guitars and vocal in Orcrist, Arak and Goblin again met in the studio to work around some ideas that had been dormant for a while… Soon after, Isvind entered their own “Likbaalet Studio” to record the next full length release. Intet Lever was made. The band recorded the album two times before it was released late 2011.


Releases on Folter Records

Daumyra (2013) - DigiCD - Folter Shop


1. Kast Loss, Brenn Alt
2. Burn the Kings
3. Blodstorm
4. The Dark Traverse
5. Djevelens Uvaer
6. Myra
7. Speculum
8. Klabautermann

Gud (2015) - CD/LP - Folter Shop


  1. Flommen
  2. Ordet
  3. Himmelen
  4. Dåren
  5. Tronen
  6. Boken
  7. Giften
  8. Hyrden
  9. Spiret

Out at 26th June 2015