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MURDER Biography

The Council for Murder was convoked in 2001 by Kozeljnik(guitar), Sablast(bass) and Adimiron(drums). Before long the vocalist Glad joined the band and under this line-up the first songs were composed followed by the premiere live appearance in Belgrade. The year 2003 brought the plan for the debut studio recording, but due to some personal reasons Sablast and Adimiron left the council and all further activities were put on ice until the year of 2007 when the drummer Honza Kapák was invited to join the group and the Committee for Murder begun to act as international entity. Soon after the studio plan was back on track and the drums were put on tape, but due to other priorities of the Council members it took a few years more until the entire recording was complete. Meanwhile a special live appearance had its place at Exit Festival inside the medieval fortress of Novi Sad. The council was unified with German musician L’Hiver on bass guitar and Demonetras on second guitar for that show exclusively.

In 2013 the pact was sealed between the Council and Folter Records for releasing MURDER’s debut mini album, entitled “King of Tyranny” which will be out on May 2014.

The Council for MURDER:

Honza Kapák (AVENGER, MASTER’S HAMMER, PANYCHIDA) – drums, bass guitar
Glad (ex-THE STONE, MAY RESULT) - vocals
L’Hiver (WINTERBLUT, ex KRIEG) – session vocals

“King of Tyranny” mini CD

Selling points:
MURDER is Serbian/Czech alliance, formed for the purpose of sadism!
Four songs of dirty Blackened Thrash Metal composed by the Old Goats for the Old Goats
Recorded in Hellsound Studio/Czech Republic.
Inspirational code comes from the sound of Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Slayer, Destruction
Consisting of members from Avenger, Master’s Hammer, The Stone
Front cover done by Genocide (Opposition Artworks)

1.  Jezik zla
2.  Pakost
3.  Suffer for His Glory
4.  Tiranija


Releases on Folter Records

King Of Tyranny (2014) - CD - Folter Shop


1. Jezik zla    
2. Pakost    
3. Suffer for His Glory    
4. Tiranija