Black/Death Metal from Poland


The Beginings of Northern Plague go back to July 2009, when thanks to the initiative of Fenris and Saryon [ex-drummer] first rehearsals took place. The reat breakthrough came at the beginning of 2010. At that time Ghorakh[bas] and Janus[guitar] have joined the band. Everything started to build momentum and after fiew months, Northern Plague played their first show.

simultaneously the band was working on their debut material. The crowning moment of a year's worth of work was a recording session in HERTZ Studio (known for for recording albums for bands like Vader, Decapitated or HATE), where under the professional eye of Wieslawski Brothers the EP "Blizzard of the North" was created. The band gained experience by playing shows in more and more polish cities. Unfortunately after almost two years Sayron has left the band. It was a hard time, that the band was lucky to overcome.

The self release of "Blizzard of the North" in June 2011 took place at the same time Northern Plague started working with a new drummer - Damyen. The newly released and promoted material gained great recognition and very good reviews within and out of the country, what was a great reason for a more intense activity in playing live. The year 2012 is the year the promotion of "Blizzard of the North" took the next step. The band was a guest on a tour with a legend of the polish metal scene - Pandemonium, and also had the opportunity to share the stage with Decapitated and Trauma.

Northern Plague also headlined two national tours - "We Are the Plague Tour 2012" and "Faces of Rage Tour". At the end of 2012 the lifespan of "Blizzard of the North" came to its grand finale - the "Back to the Black Tour 2012" with unquestionably a legend of heavy playing - VADER and releasing a Live Music Video for the song "Pestilence".

At this time the band is working on a successor for the debut release...


Releases on Folter Records

Manifesto (2014) - CD - Folter Shop


1. Century of Waste
2. Divide et Impera
3. Reign Mother War
4. Let the World Burn
5. The Edge
6. Legion
7. Unclean Words
8. Manifesto

Produced & Engineered by Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski (Behemoth, Decapitated, Hate)

Out at 25th Jan 2014!