Black Metal from Cuba



Releases on Folter Records

A Hatred Manifesto (2014) - CD - Folter Shop


  1. Total Isolation
  2. Breathing a Wind of Hatred
  3. Fuck Off!
  4. Rotten To The Core
  5. Land Of The Heathen
  6. Posercorpse
  7. Nihilistic Propaganda
  8. Nyx (Urgehal Cover)

Through Blackness And Remote Places (2015) - CD - Folter Shop


  1. Sons of the Grand Cosmic Emanation
  2. Mesmerized by the Pale Ghost Moonlight
  3. An Unholy Gathering
  4. Delivering the Very Soul
  5. The Lightbringer
  6. The Eternal Return
  7. Through Blackness, and Remote Places
  8. Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames (Judas Iscariot Cover)


Indomitvs (2017) - CD - Folter Shop

Out of Cuba, NARBELETH have estabolished themselves in the Black Metal scene. Once handled as exotic insider tip, their last records „A Hatred Manifesto“ and „Through Blackness and Remote Places“ received lots of attention. Over the last couple of years, NARBELETH were invited to several European stages and the band gladly took this opportunity, playing for example at Under The Black Sun Festival or Barther Metal Open Air, proving that they can set any stage on fire with their furious Black Metal! Mastermind Dakkar stays true to himself on their fourth record "Indomitvs" as well: Uncompromising Black Metal inspired by the old Scandinavian masters. Yet the magical and mysterious aura which surrounds „Indomitvs“ shows that NARBELETH can develop as well. On seven own compositions, Dakkar demonstrates his worship for classic Black Metal. Far away from the digital and facile world and scene, NARBELETH creates a treasure which does justice to the traditional values of the cult. As a bonus, you'll ff ind a cover of ARCKANUM's "Daudmellin" on „Indomitvs“, which is Dakkar's reverence for this Swedish cult band.

The mastering was done by Ole Hartvigsen (KAMPFAR).

„Indomitvs“ is a must-have for every fan of the first three NARBELETH albums as well as for all fans of old-school Black Metal!

1.     The Distortion of Life     03:55     
2.     When the Sun Has Died     04:03     
3.     The Lower Point of the Star     04:03     
4.     Herald of the Dawn     04:17     
5.     The First to Rise     04:22     
6.     Via Profane Crafts     03:50     
7.     Sinister Laberynths of Human Soul     06:24     
8.     Daudmellin (Arckanum cover)     04:37     
Total:      35:31