Black Metal from Germany


STREAMS OF BLOOD was formed by Thymos and Tavor in the year 2009.

During the suicidal summer 2009 they recorded the first Mini-CD "Antilife". Torturer (Mor Dagor, Belphegor) recorded the drums.

In the cold and frosty winter 2010 Blood Hammer joined the band. Now the band could proof their infernal misanthropy live. After some show S.O.B. got back into the studio and recorded the first full length record called "The Descend To The Source Of Disorder" which was releasesd in September 2011 through Articaz and Ketzer Records.

2011 Streams Of Blood release their first album "The Descent To The Source Of Disorder" through ARTIcaz/Ketzer records. The album has been recorded at the AMP Studio Duisburg.

"The Descent To The Source Of Disorder" symbolizes the abyss of the human sanity overlooking the negative vision of the world view. The deep depression of the negative energy and misanthropy is paired with the aversion for the modern world order. The different views and mixtures are reflected in the music. Atmospheric elements with sick old school riffs,fast blasting drums and aggressive vocals, impelling and hypnotizing.


Releases on Folter Records

Ultimate Destination (2013) - CD - Folter Shop


1. Intro
2. Road to Ruin
3. Temple of Blood
4. I have the Might
5. Bringer of Light
6. Inner Tyrant
7. Beast Reflect
8. The Master
9. Von der Realität in das ewige Licht
10. New World Order 2012

Allgegenwärtig (2017) - CD - Folter Shop

On their 3rd album, STREAMS OF BLOOD stay true to their musical ideals, but are growing in taking them a step further: fusing musical abysses of raging-brutal, epic blasthymns with sometimes trance-like, often grooving athmosphere orgies  of shattering riffs and cold-hearted, distant vocals. "Allgegenwärtig" is about the ever-present that surrounds the Band, and the dissonating insights they gain. About life and death, light and darkness, excesses and spirtuality. It is STREAMS OF BLOODs inner voices roaring from the abysses of souls, fed by the chaos of the worlds.

1. Stella Nova (Collapse) 07.15
2. Corossion 03.39
3. Detox 07.07
4. Open your third eye 05.53
5. Fusion 04.50
6. Man Owes Nature Only Death (Conduct) 03.54
7. Regeneration 06.33
8. Transformation 07.12
Total: 45:41